What We Do

Here at Edge360 we deliver full-suite solutions that are designed for your needs. We expertly plan your media strategy and buy across multiple channels, optimising performance on the go through the latest machine learning algorithms.

We understand that great results depend on a strategized approach. We will work with you to understand your aims and implement a strategy designed to ensure maximum success. Along the way we monitor and refine our approach using expert tools, to ensure that we reach your targeted audience and exceed your expectations.

Extend Your Reach with Edge360:

  • Worldwide access to media partners, exchanges and ad networks
  • Geotargeting- we can target users by country, town or even their postcode!
  • Flexible parameters – target your user by local language, gender, interest and more
  • Superfast integration and creative analytics for user behaviour
  • Real time performance analytics
  • Integration with ALL major 3rd party tracking systems
  • In depth reporting tools including {bundle_ids}
  • Software development kit, social media and real time bidding
  • Access to industry and service experts
  • Reach positive users by combining first party data then post event data

Edge360 solutions for all your needs

We deliver results