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Geo and City Targeting

geo and city targeting

We understand that you have invested in your campaign and have perfected all the elements that are within your control; the design and content of your website or app is optimal and your messaging is on-point. But traditionally of course, the other side of marketing was not in your control, the unmanageable quantity of audience variability.

Previously, there was no way to account for differences in location, language and interest. That was until the game-changing technology of Geo-targeting.

We know that you will want to cater to as large an audience as possible, but this becomes challenging when audiences (traffic) differ from region to region, responding differently to content depending on language, currency and climate etc.

Geo targeting is the solution to these challenges; it systematically determines the geolocation of the user, and uses this vital information to personalise content to them. Geo targeting is therefore the best method of ensuring optimal response.
We value optimisation and this is reflected in our geo targeting algorithms.

Our geo targeting is able to flexibly target across a range of parameters including:

• Country, city and micro-location down to the postcode
• Language
• Time of day or night
• Device, data and connection
• Currency
• Gender
• Interest
• Ad engagement
• Behaviour

By ensuring the most relevant content is delivered to a user, you maximise the potential for conversion. You’ve perfected your campaign; now let us optimise the response.
Pinpoint your audience today!