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life-time value (LTV) of the customer

Here at Edge360 we understand a data-driven approach is the only way to define and measure success. A crucial part of evaluating success, is gauging the life-time value (LTV) of the customer; the profit a customer brings your company during the entirety of the relationship.

LTV calculated through a formula which looks at average revenue per user and percentages of customers lost over a given period (churn). In providing you with this data, we will show you how much it is costing to acquire a customer and the returns that investment achieves.

The best measure of success is whether customer engagement is optimised to convert attraction into long-term profits. Our expert service will ensure you do this by utilising tactics such as traffic optimisation and deep-linking, that have been demonstrated to maximise LTV.

Using this data-driven approach, we will be able to show you how to learn more about your customers and ensure that your investment is targeted towards the audience that will achieve the maximum return.

Optimise your LTV for maximum ROI!